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harina de sangre

harina de sangre
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Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FINAL PRODUCT POULTRY BLOOD MEAL Code : ETP-AO-11 Version : 06 Page :1 de 4 Prepared by: Quality Control System Manager Date: 29.10.2012 Reviewed by: Quality and Development Manager Date: 29.10.2012 Approved By: Managing Director Date: 29.10.2012 Date : 29.10.2012 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION Product Name Poultry Blood Meal Picture of the product Aspect Product fine granulated dark brown Storage Storage at environment temperature in a dry place. If the product is storage for more than six months be reviewed on monthly storage impairment. Expiration date 12 month over production date. Packing Big bag of approximate 1,2 Ton., bags of 50 kg or bulk Labelling Labels shall contain the following information: • Product identification • Batch Number • Supplier Name • Supplier Address • Plant Name • Plant Address • Country of Origin • Production Date • Due Date Transportation The material shall be transported in containers or truck, depending on the customer agreement. 2. COMPOSITION OF PRODUCT Ingredients Poultry of avian origin Additives • Antioxidants • Salmonicidas

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